About Me

I go by the nickname Talka right now, although I've used various online names in the past. Atlasia, Takt, Yuki, yu, just to name a few.

According to what others say, I'm a not-so-ordinary university student. Due to my father's job, I've traveled quite a bit, and so I speak a bit more English than do most Japanese. I've lived in Taipei, then Los Angeles most of my student life before university.

Recently, I've worked as a compositer at Maikaze. I also did the English subtitles on the DVD with KirbyM on Tokine's request.

About This Circle

This circle/group is mainly operated by me alone, although it is supported by many of my friends and the Touhou community. The circle currently makes Walfas Touhou goods together with KirbyM but I plan to create whatever odd things I happen to feel like making.

About Nonomy

Although I do most of the order placement and event planning, there is one other person involved heavily in ddiction. He's goes by the name Nonomy. I'm not really the talkative-type, so he helps me with the clerking activities at events, as well as act as an advisor. He's also a very active cosplayer, so, you can see him at the cosplay space in the latter half of doujin events.
Nonomy's Cure Cosplay account is here.
* Do not visit the site if you do not feel comfortable with cosplay.

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