Comic Market 81

  • 2011-12-06 (Tue)

Long time no see! I used Dw to edit the page and the style information falls apart... uhh. Anyway, ddiction will be at day 2 (Fri, December 30) East Ni-46a/b of this coming Comiket. Our space is located with Renko's ORANGE★JAM. Renko helped us with our new release, which will be a NEW HORI-ZUN Listening CD There will also be a reprint of the highly sought-after original NEW HORI-ZUN: English Course 2 books.

Touhou Koromu 7

  • 2011-09-07 (Wed)

Again, I am not in Japan, but we will be attending Koromu7. The booth is located in Building 6 (Rokugokan) B-24b, next to Mapoze.


  • 2011-09-07 (Wed)

I am currently in the middle of nowhere Missouri as a part of an exchange program, so ddiction will not be active until December... or so I thought. We will be attending Koromu for the first time by the help of members in Japan. Next event that I will be attending will be Winter Comiket. Also, I am trying to update the website, so this site may go down or look weird at times.
Memorial Student Union

Comic Market 80 Information

  • 2011-08-10 (Wed)

It was a bit cooler in Tokyo until few days ago, when it got really hot and humid here. Please take care of yourselves.
Our booth at Comiket is プ(pu)-45a and we are located there on day 2 (the 13th). (twitcmap)
As for our new release, it'll be Study Guide for the NEW HORI-ZUN 2 for 400 yen. We'll have stocks of NEW HORI-ZUN 1 (800 yen), the Study Guide (400 yen) for it as well as NEW HORI-ZUN 3 (900 yen) and a bunch of file folders. I'll be looking forward to seeing everyone!
NH2SG CoverNH2SG Sample Page 1
NH2SG Sample Page 2NH2SG Sample Page 3
In other news, I'll be moving to Columbia, Missouri (US) to study from August 14, until sometime in December. I thought I'd halt circle activities until I get back, but I'll have the foreign members here and Nakazako from Mapoze help out with Koromu while I'm gone. I'll be back by Winter Comiket, though, hopefully.

Koi no Mahou wa Marisa ni Omakase! 3 (Leave it to Marisa)

  • 2011-06-24 (Fri)

We will be attending Koimari!3. This time there's a new mug with the image below printed.
Reimu Marisa Cup
Also, we have a booth at Comiket. Details here, on TwitComike.

8th Annual Hakurei Shrine Reitaisai (Alternative Date)

  • 2011-05-07 (Sat)

So it's Reitaisai season again! Our booth will be at  [no]の-18b "ddiction" as announced earlier, and the new release will be NEW HORI-ZUN: English Course 3 as well as a slightly revised version of the M3 CD below. Please note that we are located at the music isle this time.


  • 2011-04-30 (Sat)

Space numbe is Q02b and we'll be releasing the CD below at 100 yen. Also, there won't be any copies of NEW HORI-ZUN3.

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